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News and Hues • August 30, 2018


News and Hues

Welcome to the newsletter.  Summer is almost over and there is sososo much to do!

September is for Learning!

Sophia goes back to school after Labor Day – 8th Grade here she comes! 

Sophia will resume her weekly painting classes at Liberty Town Arts Workshop with Hsi-Mei Yates. Liberty Town is Fredericksburg’s largest art center.


Upcoming Events!

Art in the Park: Come see the Sophiola tent at Fredericksburg’s Art in the Park Saturday, September 1st as well as September 15th

Art Attack: Foode, Fredericksburg’s favorite farm-to-table restaurant, invited Sophia to be the featured artist for Art Attack on September 22nd. Sophia and His-Mei will create paintings in front of the Foode building as part of the day’s events.  Come eat at Foode and meet the artist! 

Save The Date - October 5th!

Next stop on Sophia’s exhibit -- Constantly Becoming: the Fredericksburg Area Museum.  The exhibit kicks off with a reception on the evening of October 5th.  We are working with the wonderful staff at FAM on programming, including a film festival! We are thrilled to be hosting Fredericksburg’s first screening of Dan Habib’s newest documentary – Intelligent Lives.  The exhibit  also highlights the great things that differently-abled people can do! 

The Shop!

If you can't meet us at our booth at the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market you can always meet us online!

And with summer almost over, it's time for Christmas! (almost!)

As always, we thank you for your love and support and we sososo hope to see you at an event soon!

Higashi Glaser